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            Reseda is one of the great cities found in Los Angeles one of the many suburb locations within the San Fernando area.  Our Emergency Flood Team Company specializes in helping home and business owners with water, mold and fire damages that afflict their property.  We are located across the United States in states like California and Colorado providing on the best services for property damage in the nation. Our emergency flood team has the experience and certification necessary to remove these types of damages.  Problems of this nature are best left to technicians that know how to safely and efficiently perform removal and elimination of property damage; otherwise it can lead to further damage of your home costing you a fortune.

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Our Services

Our company is equipped with the latest technology in restoration and cleanup available.  The technicians that are sent to your home are also certified and have years of experience.  We provide excellent service and make our customers property‚Äôs restoration very seriously.

Common Damages


Burst pipes, roof leakages, septic backup, toilet overflows, and other leakages that lead to flooding.

These are just some examples of what water damage can be, the list goes and so does the damage.  Water damage leads to mold infestations and odor problems do not wait another moment and get our team to your location ASAP.

For more information on water damages, visit our Water Damage Section.


  Soot and leftover chemical residues lead to serious health issues and hazards affecting everyone inside your home.

The nature of fires is always diverse, but in most cases specialized attention is required to successfully remove the unknown dangers after the fire has been put out. The process of restoration and removal of fire damages that we offer will make sure that your home is safe once again.

For more information on fire damages, visit our Fire Damage Section.


Mold is one of the sneakiest types of property damages that arises without a warning or notice and will potentially destroy your house.  We promise to contain the damage before it worsens and additional problems arise. Our team will completely contain the area and make sure it does not spread any further.

For more information on mold remediation, visit our Mold Section.

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We will work with the claim filing documentation, the restoration and removal of damages.

Do not try to handle these problems yourself; while it may seem like an easy fix most of the time it will turn out more costly and not effective!

Emergency Flood Team Reseda
Emergency Flood Team Reseda


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