The city of Reseda has had a history of enduring different types of natural and manmade disasters.  Our Emergency Flooding Team Company has years of experience with the water damages that you may have to deal with after storms, plumbing problems, or anything involving water.  These damages are to be taken serious and professionals like us know how to handle these problems.  Our team is only one call away and read to help you out.

What are the most common types of water damage?

Our company is used to seeing different types of damages that afflict homes and businesses in regards to water some examples are:

Broken pipes   Flooding        Sprinkler flooding      foundation leakage    roof leakage

 Kitchen leakages       toiler over flow            septic tank  

Black water, the name for contaminated waters, spills over your floors, you walls, and other parts of your home.  The water damage can be very destructive to furniture and other household items. The buildup humidity also contributes to the mold procreation which is another huge issue in itself to tackle.

The services that we offer provide include a complete removal and restoration of the water damages in your property. Our technicians do our best to go through each of the following methods to insure that all the damages are completely fixed.

Our Restoration Methods:

Restoration is a huge component of our services and to get your home back on track. Our water damage company focuses in following the standards set up by the health department so that nothing is left unchecked for any future unseen problems.

Water containment and extraction    air purification           dehumidification sterilization, restoration of water damaged surfaces        follow-up repairs

Our teams of experts are certified and have been working for Reseda and other cities around California for a long time now. We have great reviews and satisfaction and are prepared to eliminate your sticky situation.

Our customers always show great satisfaction as we need get the job done without any delays. Your property deserves to be taken care of by the best equipment, do not hire any company that uses outdated tools.

Calls us know by visiting our Contact Us page for more information about getting in touch with us and how we will help you with your requests.