Reseda Emergency Flood Team has been serving the city for a long time and offers its services to more than just homeowners, to commercial properties.  We fixed the property of damages of private businesses as well as other public buildings that are in need removal and restoration of water, fire, or mold damage.

Damage and Commercial Businesses

            When it comes to problems with leaky floors, stinky mold or the ashes left from a fire, businesses should always get the damage cleared as soon as possible.  Federal departmental agencies are always ready to shut down any businesses that are not following proper regulations and standards that are established.  Do not let your property get shut down because of water, fire and mold damage. Our emergency flood teams know how provide top of the line care that will ease your mind about keeping up with standards and regulations.

Certification and Experience

            When attended by our technicians you will be fortunately attended by an emergency flood team that is constituted by professionals who have been certified by the federal health department and are members of the ACGIH. Our technicians also have years the experience being ready to deal with all types of situations and be professional.

Our Services

            Reseda Emergency Flood Team will arrive at your location and go through proper protocol and procedures that are necessary to take care of your problem right away.  Evaluations and assessments are important so that our technicians are able to determine what the damages are in your property and how to deal with them in the least expensive route and most beneficial manner.

            An integral part for our services is compiling a report that you will be able to use for file claiming. As you may already be well aware of, insurance companies demand an extensive report in order to make sure your damages are covered.  If your business is not under any insurance company we will also work with you to provide the best rates that are offered in Reseda.  For more detailed information on a specific type of water damage check them out on our site.


            Since we know that disaster can strike at any time, we guarantee to be on call 24/7 and arrive shortly after you call.  For more information about us visit our Contact Us section.  We will respond to any questions you may have.